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Our lighting solutions excel in design and ease of installation, but also in operational reliability and service life. Cantelo luminaires have an average lifespan of no less than 70,000 burning hours, compared to the standard 2000 hours of a traditional light bulb!

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Our lighting products are made from high-quality parts and elements, sourced from renowned suppliers worldwide and manufactured in the Netherlands.


Our production engineers closely supervise the production process in our production facilities, with multiple visual checks and thirty-minute operational tests, enabling us to guarantee quality and to offer a 7-year warranty on our products.

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We believe it is important to work with respect for people, the environment, and nature. Every day we try to contribute to a better world in various ways, one of which is to develop lighting solutions based on energy-efficient LED technology. When creating new designs and improving existing products, we are concerned about what will happen to our luminaires at the end of their life span.

Contributing to a better world starts at the design table.


We partner with a number of established lighting consultants to offer an unbiased view around the lighting design in any particular project. This additional service helps to streamline service and creates the ultimate, value-added solution for you or your client.

Get in touch to find out more about this service and its benefits!

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