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Many of our luminaires incorporate the patented and innovative ‘dark light’ science from Bartenbach™.  This revolutionary technology produces a crisp, defined light beam and ensures that the eye is drawn to the area or object being illuminated, not the light source itself.

Low glare levels with minimal scattered light, combined with high light output and perfectly mixed colours, produce unrivaled illumination that will display your interior to its full potential.

Beam Angles.png

24˚ Beam
An initially narrow beam, but there is a lot of scattered light at the bottom, causing glare.

40˚ Beam

The beam is slightly wider, but there is virtually no scattered light at the bottom.

By using four high-power, new-generation LEDs, these small downlights emit more light than a traditional 50W GU10 halogen lamp.


The Tino series is designed around a revolutionary lens that creates a parallel beam of light, meaning the beam is reflected into an hourglass shape. The neck of the hourglass beam angle falls precisely through the opening of the downlight, where the beam angle is at its narrowest, which gives this range of downlights their unique light emitting surface of just 8mm.

Tino Diagram.jpg


Walk into a room that is perfectly illuminated, but you don’t see any light points - that is the new signature in architectural lighting, and it's possible with our Tino Series. These unique downlights allow for a near-invisible light experience, giving you the possibility to present a room like never before.

Bartenbach Tech.png

Standard downlight where a lot of the light spread all over the room.

Sharp beam angle where practically all of the light is within the beam.

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