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Recessed lighting for the home

Lighting has a significant impact on the mood in a home and we offer a wide variety of LED recessed lighting options that will bring elegance to your home and create a pleasing atmosphere. Here are a few advantages of buying recessed lighting from Cantelo Lighting.

Minimal style

Our LED lighting options are contemporary and sophisticated, available to be installed into a wide variety of locations to provide a complimentary look. Because of the simple elegance of the fixtures, they are versatile and offer a timeless appeal in many different spaces.

Dimming capabilities

Lighting plays a large part in creating the perfect ambiance in your home; whether you’re entertaining, or it’s a regular week night at home with your family. You will need a different amount of light when you are sitting at the table to work, or at 9:00pm when you are winding down and the children are in bed. Adjusting the lighting accordingly will help your body stay in sync with its circadian rhythm.

Customisable features

With each fixture, there are a whole plethora of aesthetic options to choose from including size, colour and finish, as well as technological options such as CRI, beam angle, lumen output and colour temperatures. With Cantelo Lighting, you have access to a vast range of choices to create your unique, individual, beautifully lit interior.

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