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Lighting your home sustainably

At Cantelo, we believe it is important to work with respect for people, the environment, and nature. Every day we try to contribute to a better world in various ways, one of which is to develop lighting solutions based on energy-efficient LED technology.

Lighting accounts for around 15% of most residential energy bills, and whilst it is an essential component to our everyday lives, it’s important to consider the negative impacts of excessive energy usage. Lighting is supplied by electrical power plants using fossil fuels, responsible for a significant percentage of carbon dioxide emissions and a leading cause of global climate change. As a result, the building industry has focused on lighting as a crucial element in sustainable design, stimulating a worldwide movement to develop and use lighting solutions that not only meet user’s needs, but also address environmental regulations.

Doing your bit in conserving electricity through regular maintenance, as well as taking advantage of technological innovations and lighting settings, contributes not only to helping the environment but is also likely to save you costs. Here are some great ways you can get started on the journey today:-

Choose LED technology

Probably the most obvious, but still important nonetheless - ensure all bulbs used in your home are LEDs.

All Cantelo fixtures facilitate LED technology which on average use around 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, as well as lasting up to 25 times longer!

Regular cleaning & maintenance

The full illumination potential of fixtures can decrease if you allow for dust to build up over time. Ensure bulbs are regularly wiped with a soft, dry cloth to help them keep their original luminosity.

Use motion sensors & dimmers

A variety of Cantelo fixtures are available with integrated motion sensors which are a great way to ensure that lights are only turned on for the period in which they are use. In addition, we offer a vast range of dimming technology options - not only enabling you to create versatile, stunning atmospheres in your space - but to also reduce the wattage used and extend the lifespan of the lamp.

Don't forget task lighting

Installing task lighting allows you to use a fraction of the energy than a grid of downlights would for example, and create a mood in the room that is probably more desirable!

Fitting a reading light near your bed, lighting a staircase or illuminating a piece of art creates dynamic interest within your space and will also be helping to save energy.

Check supplier credentials

​Contributing to a better world starts at the design table. By choosing a supplier like Cantelo, you can be assured that respect for the environment has been considered before the product was even born. When creating new designs and improving existing products, we look into how our luminaires will sustainably travel through their life, from the manufacturing processes right to end of life recycling.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that you are doing your bit to help reduce the impact of lighting on the environment, as well as reducing your energy bills!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, or if you have any questions about how you can make the lighting in your home more sustainable - reach out to us!

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